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Something Different

March 23, 2014

Over the next two weeks, I have the privilege of travelling with my grade 12 students in Morocco. I keep a daily blog for their parents and thought I would do a bit of cross blogging here. So, follow along with us as we make our way through North Africa. Here is the first post:

Hello From Casablanca

Good evening everyone and hello from The Moroccan House Hotel in Casablanca! It is 6:30 PM and we have arrived safe and sound. Everything over the past 24 hours has gone very smoothly. We arrived in Toronto and claimed all of our luggage. We worked our way though security and got all of our boarding passes for our Air France flights. We had lots of time to kill but everyone was excited to be on our way so the time passed quickly.

Our flight to Paris was on time and full! But, everyone made it through the flight. Again, the excitement of going to Paris was palpable. We spent some tired hours in the Charles de Gaulle airport but everyone still had excitement for the last leg of our journey. However, once we were on board our final flight, the jet lag caught up with all of us. It was a pretty quiet flight as we passed over, France, and Spain on our way to North Africa. We cleared customs with limited hassle, claimed ALL of our bags and transferred to our hotel. We are now just waiting for supper and a good night rest.

I will try to post again tomorrow after our first full day in Morocco.

All the best,
Sean, Lori, Kim, Desireé and all the kids!

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