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Good Evening from Marrakech

March 24, 2014

Here is my second cross blog post for all who are interested. I’ve added a picture from my hotel room.

Good evening everyone!

Today was a fairly relaxed day in Morocco. We began our day in Casablanca by visiting the old Medina. We could definitely see the influence of the French throughout town. Many of the buildings have what is known as a neo-Moorish style of architecture. It is a mixture between European and Moroccan. As well, there is an unwritten rule that all buildings in Casablanca must be painted white. This is a tradition dating back over 400 years. We also learned that a holy colour, according to Muslims is green. The Qu’aran says that the roofs in heaven are all green. Therefore, in Morocco, the tiles covering the roofs of the mosques are green.

After visiting the old city and the royal palace, we went to one of the major attractions in Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque. Built over a seven year period and completed in 1993, the Mosque is the sixth largest in the world. It can accommodate over 100 000 people when filled. It was built by the previous Moroccan king, Hassan II who wanted to leave a religious legacy for the people of Morocco.

After leaving the mosque, we made our way along the seaside to our restaurant for lunch. We were treated to fresh baked bread, duck confit salad, roasted chicken in a lobster sauce, and a chocolate mousse cake – thank you French influence!! After lunch we made our way south toward Marrakech. The landscape changed dramatically as we continued down the highway. We saw many green fields and traditional Moroccan villages. Many of the students, and staff, took advantage of the three hour bus ride to Marrakech. We checked into our hotel quite quickly and our kids are hanging out in the hotel pool. We are goin to eat supper in about an hour. I personally am enjoying the smell of jasmine coming through the window of my room – I attached a picture to this post.

Enjoy your day! Tomorrow we begin our project and are very excited!


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