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We Are All Human

March 26, 2014

Here is my third post from Marrakech. Enjoy!!

Before I write about our second day at the project, I must tell you all about our adventure last night. Our dinner began with a ride from our hotel to the Medina in horse drawn carriages. We wound our way through the streets of Marrakech in old world style. Once in the Medina, we took a circuitous route through one of the largest and craziest markets I have ever been in. The souk was packed with people selling anything and everything you could possibly imagine. It was hot, smoking from grilling food, loud, hectic e and overwhelming. I think the students had their eyes opened wide.

After winding through the market, we made our way down a few alleyways to our restaurant – a very unique and traditional Moroccan venue. The Devore was amazing. The good was delicious and the music and belly dancer were perfect. Yes, we had a belly dancer. She flowed around the room and enchanted a few of our students.

Today was our second day at the project. The transformation that is taking place is amazing. Today we laid out the pathways, began building the fountain and laid down plastic and gravel for the paths and the benches in the garden.

The kids worked very, very hard. It was wonderful to see and it really made me think about what we are doing. I have often said we do humanitarian work around the world with ITS. But that is not the case. We are all human – I have learned this in my travels. We all share one thing in common: our humanity. By adding the word “humanitarian” it suggests we are bringing something that is better than what these people already have. This is not the case. We are just working. That is all. We are not attempting to say our lives or the way we do things is better. We have the means to be here and help do some work. That is all.

These thoughts really changed my perspective on what we do. I owe that to the work of our students today.

I hope you all enjoy our blog. All the best!

Sean, Lori, Kim, and Desireé

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