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Another Day in The Garden

March 27, 2014

I began our last blog with a description from the night before. Today is no different. Last night, Khalid took the group to a very different restaurant for supper. It was an upscale resto lounge in a newer part of Marrakech. The food was absolutely amazing and would rival any served in a top Calgary restaurant. As well, they had a live band to entertain the guests. It seemed like it was most definitely the place to be as many local younger people came in for dinner.

I must admit, when I left for Morocco, I had a much different idea of what we would find. I had images of spice markets and souks, camels and Berbers. But not a high end restaurant. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this. I guess thinking of Morocco as a developing country created a certain imagine in my mind. However, I have visited places in Europe that are far less developed and, I am sure, there are places in Canada that are far less developed. So, this leaves me to wonder what we mean when we speak of “the developing world.”

Today was our third day at the garden project. I must tell you all how hard the group worked today. It was amazing to watch them all pitch in and make things go very quickly. Today we finished putting in the irrigation, painted some walls, and finished laying the gravel for the pathways. We also installed all the benches in the garden. Tomorrow, we will plant five bitter orange trees, 130 rose bushes and finish the fountain. It is hard to believe we will finish the project tomorrow and that we have over a full week left.

All the best from Marrakech,


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