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The Journey

April 30, 2016

I titled this blog “The Journey is the Goal” as I believe this axiom to be true. So often we focus on an end goal rather than enjoying the path that takes us there. I see this to be true in the classroom as well as the highway.

Yesterday, I accepted an opportunity which will take me on another part of my journey. I will be a Vice Principal in Brooks Composite High School next school year.

When I was a full time classroom teacher, I liked to discuss the concept of the journey with my students. When teaching English, we looked at the themes and messages surrounding the journey. We talked about classical representations of the journey in literature. In Social Studies, we discussed the journey of humanity and the various paths people and nations have taken throughout time.

Journeys are a part of human existence – one could argue, I suppose, that journeys are a component of all life on earth. What I find interesting is how I feel when embarking upon a new journey. I always find myself filled with both excitement and nerves. I am excited about what this new journey will bring. However, I am not naive and understand too that there will be challenges. But that is what makes the journey so important – the challenges.

I do not believe that the end goal of a journey is necessarily a destination. I am uncertain as to what the destination will be on this next journey. In fact, I am uncertain if there actually is a final destination. What I am certain about is that I will learn a great deal while I travel this road. And perhaps, that will help make me a better teacher and person.

All the best,


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